Your in-house analytics academy

Our approach

Your employees will be
leading the 4th Industrial revolution.

We help you establish an internal academy to transform your organization faster. Research by McKinsey* shows forward thinking organizations are busy implementing analytics academies.
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Intake with top leadership

We always start with an intake with top leadership to define the goals and tailor our offering.


Train translators and data scientists

Our courses are not only focused on technical staff, we believe all employees should become part of the transformation.



Together we participants and leadership we constantly evaluate and improve our approach.


Translators understand AI and the business, they drive internal use cases and keep stakeholders involved and enthusiastic.

Data scientists

Data scientists build your AI solutions. AI techniques come and go at such a rapid pace that continuous learning is vital to retaining the best people.

The most humane in
artificial intelligence.

We strongly believe successful companies take an inclusive approach to AI,
they are not focused on replacing jobs but on creating new business models and better services. Start empowering your people today!

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