We are a collaborative platform enabling the user to derive actionable insights by combining data collected from a variety of data sources.

Using CrunchCure, you can blend and crunch health metrics from all your favorite health apps and wearables to start making the most out of your lifestyle!

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Tailored insights through
customizable dashboards.

Each individual is unique and therefore requires their own unique approach to lifestyle optimization. Does temperature affect your sleep cycles? Does daily meditation or mindfulness reduce your daily stress levels? Do your daily steps influence your mood and general well-being?

The more data you collect, the more investigations you can conduct. Tailor the dashboard to your preferences and generate insights that you deem valuable and desired.


Integrate a wide variety of smart devices and applications.

Connect your tracking devices and applications to CrunchCure to increase the number of derivable insights. Think about smartwatches, smartphones, and mobile health apps. Fully scalable as new devices and apps enters the market.



Health apps


Create your own visualizations.

Users are able to create their own data visualizations in in an intuitive fashion. By simply selecting variables of your integrated devices and applications, the type of visualization, and choices from other option sets, you can develop your own visualizations in a matter of seconds.

Data Security

You are in control of your data.

CrunchCure stores all your data in your secure Google drive account so you are always 100% in control of your data. Want to add or remove data? No problem! Want to limit accessibility? Sure thing! No more sleepless nights due to fear for data breaches - we've got it covered!

In a nutshell ...

Fully customizable

Increased flexibility relative to Garmin, Apple, etc.

Scalability in integrations

Increasing number of possible device and app integrations

Community driven

Creativity of the crowd shapes the platform

Data ownership in your hands

All data is saved in your Google account


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