We develop moonshot shopping experiences:
AI-powered autonomous checkouts (no checkout process for the customer) & real-time customer analytics.

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Autonomous checkouts using
grab 'n go technology.

Artificially intelligent cameras recognize the products customers take and customers are automatically billed within their mobile app.

We can help you implement the end-to-end solution including the mobile experience but we also offer APIs for integration with your own systems.

White-label digital basket

Integration APIs


Moonshop technology can be easily implemented.

The platform is completely camera-based and the technology is built on top of an open source CCTV camera framework.

Customer tracking

Action recognition

Product tracking



Moonshop technology is designed to be modular.

From full autonomous shops to a single fridge that can be opened by the customer using the mobile app or facial recognition.


Live insights
Optimizing sales in real-time.

Customer behaviour can be analyzed within the portal. Optionally our machine learning experts can help you with advanced modeling and predictions.

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