Data Science Squads.

Multi-disciplinary teams that implement your data science, artificial intelligence & cloud computing roadmap.

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A squad is a self managed multi-disciplinary team, consisting of a product manager, data scientists & engineers.

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Transfer knowledge to your organization

Squads work closely with your organization and through pair programming and presentations, knowledge is transferred.

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Promise to deliver

Our definition of done is a happy client and AI running in production.

Why Data Science Squads?

Data Science Squad

Mix of expertises

Care free, self managed team

Flexible contract, no HR risk

Latest AI expertise

Embed knowledge and products in your org

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Data Scientist

We also can help you if your project requires an individual data scientist, that will be managed by your organization.

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Data science or AI?

Data science / AI / Big data and Advanced analytics are often used interchangeably and require similarly skilled people. We make sure we tailor the team to your problem.


What happens if I am not happy?

First of all; we always make sure you are happy with your squad. You also have the flexibility to add / swap team members or end the contract.


What are the costs?

The costs depend on the size of the team as we charge an hourly rate per team member. Please get in touch to get a quotation.


Is my orgnization ready for a squad?

In order to make the most of your money, you need to have a high-level roadmap in place and have organized access to data. If you are not sure, we also provide consulting services that help you establish a roadmap.