to collaborate

Knowledgemarker improves workplace collaboration by connecting colleagues for the right conversation at the right time.

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Privacy first

Colleagues control themselves which conversations they want to be scanned for topics by opting-in.


Full control

The software runs in isolation within your own cloud / IT infrastructure.


Connection rules

Both colleagues need to first approve anonymous invites before their contact details are shared.


Happy connecting

The software learns over time which introductions are the most impactful.

"Scaling teamwork is challenging because the number of connections between colleagues grows quadratically organization size.

Add to this organizational siloes and remote working and you realize that longer stand-ups are ineffective ways to scale collaboration."

Koen Bonenkamp, Co-Founder Cape AI Ventures

Integrated with your favourite platforms

The knowledgemarker software will be deployed to your internal cloud using .... No communication data ever leaves your secure environment.

Users can login to knowledgemarker using your corporate single sign on solution. The knowledgemarker interface allows users to opt-in/out and configure which integrations they want to enable.


Add the knowledgemarker bot to specific public and private channels

Google Workspace

Apply filters to configure which emails you want to be analyzed


in development
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Microsoft Outlook

in development
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Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Sharepoint

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Only you have access to your data,
we don't monitize the data.

We charge a fee per user that has opted-in.
As the software runs within your cloud environment, running costs are billed to you directly by your cloud provider. We'll assist you in estimating those costs upfront.

0 /mo

per active user

1 connection per user/month

250 users

1 integration (e.g. MS Teams, Slack or Google Workspace)

Runs within your cloud environment (support for Azure, AWS, GCP)

Basic support during office hours

2 /mo

per active user

Unlimited connections

Unlimited users

3 integrations

Runs within your cloud environment (support for Azure, AWS, GCP)

Premium support during office hours

On request

Unlimited connections

Unlimited users

Unlimited integrations

Single sign-on server integration

Both cloud and on-premise deployments are supported

Customizable SLA & support

Knowledgemarker relies on state-of-the-art NLP machine learning algorithms

If you have a technical background yourself and are curious to learn more about how match colleagues, we're happy to schedule a demo and give you a technical overview.

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