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Experts in Natural Language Processing


Knowledge is power and your industry's knowledge is captured in conversations:

call centre calls
internal Yammer posts
news items
youtube reviews
instagram posts
research papers ...

We help you turn language into linked data that you can act upon.

Our expertise

The technologies that excite us

Our people are experts in the following subfields of data science


Web scraping & APIs

Unlock all the information on the web that is relevant to your business


Natural language processing

Understand what's written or spoken and bring it into the context of your business operations


Graph data science

Knowledge graph analysis, to take you from collected knowledge to applied wisdom

Example case

Analyzing conversations with your clients

We apply artificial intelligence throughout the call centre process to improve the customer experience.

Speech to text

Transcribe conversations to text in real-time, separating speakers in your local language(s).


Interpret the conversation, translate, automatically summarize, remove personally identifiable information or categorize calls.


Tailor the conversation to customer preferences (personas), implement chatbots or solve customer problems directly using robotic process automation.


Harness the power of knowledge graphs

Graphs enable you to link all the entities that matter to your business. How are users connected to each other? What are their challenges? What research is done in your industry? How can that latest research be linked to your internal knowledge base? ...

Identify research opportunities

Question answering

Real-time dashboards

Trend prediction

We train state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms with domain specific data

We are pragmatic data engineers and reuse before we reinvent tools. To outperform the state-of-the-art in machine learning for your use case we apply transfer learning techniques to tune general purpose models to your business context.

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